Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tea Time, Tee Time, and "T" Time

Written by Anne Bower

Time is something that is easily slipping through our fingers. Each day brings something that can rob us of precious time. I have learned in this fast-paced life that we must take some Tea Time. One of the most enjoyable parts of your day can be putting the kettle on for a cup of tea. It has been said that you can read a Psalm during the boiling process, which is approximately 2 minutes.

Tee Time... A little golf anyone? I am not one who has gone to play any type of golf except mini-golf, but I do find that the process itself can be refreshing. The time it takes to stand and watch others hit that little ball can give you just enough time to reflect on the activities of the day, or better yet a breath of fresh air to fill your lungs and reflect on the beauty of God's creation.

And now the other "T" Time. We as women sometimes need to go out and buy that ugly, sloppy t-shirt, put it on, and proclaim "T" Time! Doing something out the ordinary can break the monotonous feeling that life just isn't going to get any better. I once had a t-shirt that proclaimed "You Can Do It" when I knew at that precise moment I could not do it and neither did I want to do it, but proclaiming to the world that I could do it sure made me feel like a winner.

Well, girlfriend, find a little T Time for yourself and surely you will be able to get through another day of whatever it is you've got to get through. Whether it's a Psalm, a golf outing, or a shopping day for that outlandish t-shirt, have yourself some T!


Anne Bower is a pastor's wife in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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blackpurl said...

since moving to Russia one of my greatest pleasures is my daily cup of tea!