Monday, November 06, 2006

Five Things

Five Things

It is Monday morning and I am feeling hopeful about the week. Nothing has gone wrong with school yet, and I am still optimistic.

I am borrowing these questions from a friend. This is how I am feeling today:

If I had five minutes to myself today, I'd:

1. Stroll downtown Wylie by myself, just to browse.
2. Sit in my pink chair and read something hilarious from an 'only a mom would understand' kind of book.
3. Have a spot of tea and relax. (maybe in my pink chair)
4. Surf the web

5. Count my blessings and then thank God for them.

If I were to spend $5 today, I'd:

1. Have tea in a quaint little cafe with a friend. Just tea and conversation, nothing fancy.

2. Buy something for my kids to let them know how much I love them. (Of course, it wouldn't be much for only $5.)

3. Run my car through the car wash.

4. Buy a spicy California sushi roll from Albertsons

5. I probably wouldn't spend it at all. I would stash it in my wallet until I could add to it and get something I've been waiting for.

Five Items I'd love to get rid of:

1. About 10 pounds. I'm with you Staci.
2. Our antiquated family stereo system that we bought second-hand that has always had an annoying high-pitched background squeal whether something is playing or not. (Said squeal has gotten progressively worse through the years.) Because we use it daily, it would have to be immediately replaced which is why it is still part of our family.
3. Sometimes I would love to get rid of this computer. Although it does connect me with the outside world and my friends from all over the world, many times it separates me from the people right here in my own house.

4. Some of the clutter that has accumulated around our house.

5. Negative words around our house.

Five Items I wouldn't part with:

1. My Holy Ghost. It is the only thing that keeps me on track.
2. My family
3. Our family pictures
4. My rice cooker (I use it constantly)
5. My sewing machine.

Five Words or Phrases I'd love to hear:

1. "Thanks mom for teaching me. I love you for it."
2. "Honey, I've arranged a babysitter, let's have lunch at Tokyo One"
3. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."

4. "Thank you for all you do."

5. "I love you."